Organizing Tips

Easy Tips for Getting Organized

The first step in our working together — or the first step in giving yourself some peace of mind, whether or not we work together — is to get your paperwork in order.

When we first meet, I’ll implement an easy system for staying organized. In the meantime, here are some simple tips to get you started:

Immediate Mail Triage
Sort your mail when it arrives. Start by opening each piece and getting rid of envelopes and extraneous enclosures, then dropping the relevant paper(s) into one of four designated files: To Do, To File, To Read or To Read: Time Sensitive.

If it doesn’t belong in one of these files, it goes into the trash or recycle bin!

Note: If I’m helping you stay organized in the “hand-off” model, you’ll also need an envelope for “Send to Carolyn!”

Buy a Four-Drawer Cabinet for Your Files
You’ll hate using files if you have to kneeling to reach them! Knees with arthritis will love you for having a four-drawer file cabinet.

The top three drawers — the ones that are easiest to reach — are where you’ll file the documents you access most often. You’ll archive in the bottom drawer: past tax returns, the documents from selling your last house, etc.


Use Expanded-Capacity Hanging, Colored Files
Manila files slip down behind one another so that you can never find what you need. Hanging files don’t, and expanded capacity files will also keep your files aligned neatly in the drawers, each accommodating 3 or 4 interior file folders.

If you color code — for example, green for financial or investment documents, yellow for family, blue for files that pertain to your house — the minute you open your drawer, your eyes will be drawn to the category you seek.

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